A Virtual Firefighter Watching Your Property 24/7

Embarr Argus™ automatically detects bushfires and controls your sprinkler system in response to the threat of ember attack. You and your family can leave early, knowing Embarr Argus™ is watching over your property.
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Keep your family and your home safer with Embarr

Your family’s safety should always be your number one concern when it comes to bushfires. Preventing the destruction of your home and personal possessions is another important consideration.

Embarr Argus™ helps you enact an effective bushfire action plan because you know you can leave your property in it’s care.

Embarr Argus™ automatically detects small fires created from embers close to your property and incoming fire-fronts.

Once a fire is detected, Embarr Argus’s intelligent system automatically activates your sprinkler system in response to the threat, optimising water use and keeping your property wet for longer.

You can stay safe and leave early knowing Embarr Argus™ is watching over your property.

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Why Choose Embarr Argus to Protect Your Property?

embarr eco friendly

Minimises Water Use

embarr fully automated

Fully Automated So Your family Can Leave Early

embarr designed for australia

Designed for Harsh Australian Conditions

Did You Know These Facts About Bushfires in Australia?

  • Bushfire CRC research found that up to 90% of houses catch fire before the fire front or many hours afterwards due to ember attack
  • Researchers also found that homes with an active bushfire sprinkler system have a much better chance of survival
  • Automatic sprinkler activation prior to, or at the same time as, an ember attack is desirable (CSIRO Bushfire CRC Report D.06.10 s3.3)
  • Scientists believe that, due to the effects of global warming, our fire season will get longer with more severe fire days.

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Get Embarr Argus to Protect Your Property

An Embarr Argus™ system can be installed to work with most bushfire sprinkler systems used in Australia and can be fully integrated and installed by qualified tradespeople.

Client Testimonials

We live in Ironbank (a high-risk bushfire area) and realised we didn’t really have a proper fire plan other than ‘leave’! Having Embarr installed on our house, we feel safe should we be faced with a fire. We now have Embarr to protect our house, sheds and our lives. Embarr team has a very professional approach, and an excellent product at a reasonable price. I have no hesitation in recommending Embarr.

Nigel Preston

Property Owner

My parents live in a high-risk bushfire area and during the bushfire season there were many stressful days spent worrying about them and constantly checking in to see if they were ok.

Since they have installed an Embarr system all of that worry and stress has been eliminated, along with the half hourly ‘just checking’ phone calls. I now know if there is any danger that both my parents and their property are protected.

Embarr has provided the whole family with peace of mind, could not recommend more highly!

Annie Ratcliffe

Property Owner