Argus Automated Bushfire Defence System

The ArgusTM Automated System constantly monitors the environment around your property to proactively detect small fires caused by embers or incoming bushfire fronts. If a threat is detected, your sprinkler system is automatically activated, keeping your property wet and reducing potential damaged caused by flames or radiant heat – even while you’re away.

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Intelligent bushfire defence for your home, business or farm.

The ArgusTM Automated System fully integrates with your exisiting sprinkler system or can be paired with our easy-to-rollout system, EmbarwallTM.

Argus™ Automation

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Our mission is to protect lives, property and the environment. Our commitment to Australian families, first responders and regional communities drives us to constantly move the needle forward in mitigating the devasting impact of bushfires.

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Embarr is the result of thousands of hours of product development by University researchers, electrical engineers and Australian based electronics manufacturers.

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How it Works

90% of properties are lost from ember attack in the 30 minutes before a fire front arrives or in the 12 hours after it has passed. Embarr helps you beat the odds.

Roof-mounted Sensor detects flames from embers & fire fronts

Sprinkler system is automatically activated to wet down structure

Automated pump operation optimises fuel and water supply

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What our customers have to say

On Tuesday 3 October 2023, a fire swept westward from Coolagoolite towards Barragga Bay and the Four Winds Pavilion. At 2.30pm the sprinklers and Argus detectors were tested, and the site made secure. The sequence of events that followed, captured on CCTV security cameras and a data logger recorded the fire entering the site from the northwest at around 5 pm. Shortly afterwards the sprinklers on the pavilion and shed started, stopping after a few minutes as designed. They re-started a few minutes later, and the cycle repeated itself around fifteen times over the next hour. When the fire swept southwards across the site, to within 5 metres of the pavilion, the building was already soaking wet.

We have no doubt that the Embarr Argus system played a crucial role in saving the pavilion and would be pleased to share our experience with any organisation or individual who was interested.


Barragga Bay NSW

My parents live in a high-risk bushfire area and during the bushfire season there were many stressful days spent worrying about them and constantly checking in to see if they were ok.

Since they have installed an Embarr system all of that worry and stress has been eliminated, along with the half hourly ‘just checking’ phone calls. I now know if there is any danger that both my parents and their property are protected.

Embarr has provided the whole family with peace of mind, could not recommend more highly!


Adelaide Hills, SA

We have had the Embarr system installed on our home on the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

My husband and I would highly recommend this amazing bushfire safety device to all. Our peace of mind regarding our family safety and that of our home has greatly increased and our ability to not be at home knowing the system will automatically switch on to save our home has given us added freedom and choice.

Additionally, I do not have to rely on my husband to come home from work and start the bushfire sprinkler system – I can grab the grandchildren and dogs and go to a safer place if the situation arises. Lastly, the Embarr team were great – truly knowledgeable, professional and they have provided great customer service to both of us – something we are appreciative of, owning businesses ourselves.


Port Lincoln, SA