EmberWall™ Bushfire Protection System by Embarr

A New Solution for Bushfire Defence

Do you need a bushfire defence solution for your home that is effective, affordable and easy to install? Embarr’s new EmberWall™ Bushfire Sprinkler System is the answer!

EmberWall™ is most effective when paired with Embarr’s intelligent Argus system

EmberWall™ is an affordable seasonal rollout system that can be installed quickly on the ground around the perimeter of your home. In many situations it can work as effectively as a traditional rooftop sprinkler system, wetting down your home quickly and creating a wall of water and mist. Embers and flames will not easily penetrate this shield and reduces the effect of the bushfire’s radiant heat.

EmberWall™ can be coupled with garden or gutter based sprinklers (see below)

The EmberWall™ system is easy to roll up and store over winter. It can also be moved to a new home or different location, such as a shed or out-building.

How does EmberWall™ work?

The EmberWall™ system uses special Canadian-made sprayers that each create an impressive wall of water 12 metres wide and 6 metres high. The sprayers connect to robust Australian-made semi-permeable “layflat” firefighting hose which lies flat on the ground.

A diesel pump delivers water to the system. The number of sprayers determines the pump needed.

All of the sprayers and connectors are tough, lightweight engineering-grade polymer that can withstand UV, for long life under the harsh Aussie sun.

Why Choose EmberWall™?

Embarr’s new EmberWall™ Bushfire Sprinkler System, delivers an effective non-permanent solution for a fraction of the cost of a rooftop installation.

Paired with Embarr Argus (and existing tanks with a capacity of 20,000 litres or more) you can use EmberWall™ to wet down your property quickly and easily.

Other Products Compatible With EmberWall™

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